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Why You Need Crafted Beer after A Successful Security Operation

Staying in the jungle for months trying to secure the country’s borders requires a “hard” heart.

Listening to bullet sounds day and night, staying awake for long hours to stay alert to prevent an enemy from attacking at your point of weakness is a tiresome, cumbersome, and monotonous work.

While out for the mission, you are ever with your rifles, for you never know when the enemy will strike.

Moreover, your eyes are ever alert. Mental stability is vital to have a clear sight of your target while holding the rifle.

The type of gun you use is also a burden away. Some of them are almost 8 kgs. Imagine holding an 8kg weight for months day and night.

 Although there are lightweight rifles in the market, the impact is still the same- you must have a gun on-site at all times.

After the successful operation, it’s that time to celebrate. Your friends and family are happy to see you safe and sound.

How many people have remained on the battlefield? They will organize a beer party to celebrate your return.

Don’t you think you also need a toss for the excellent work?

Crafter beer comes explicitly with many health benefits when taken in moderation. A party without a variety of beer drinks is not a party.

How will people forget about their daily hassles without simple brain intoxication, more so, the military personnel?

Have a look at why you need a crafted beer after a successful security operation

1. Beer prevents cardiovascular illnesses

Research shows that people who drink beer in moderation are less likely to suffer from strokes, heart attacks, and related diseases.

 The heart is the primary body organ responsible for the pumping of blood. Once your blood isn’t well circulating correctly, you are near your death bed.

2. Improves your cognitive function

Do you know why bars are noisy and full? It’s attributed to xanthohumol, a chemical that stimulates brain functioning.

At the end of the party, you tend to forget all the awkward moments you have been through despite the hardship.

Once you go back to the mission, you have a clear mindset to face yet another day on the battlefield.

3. Reduces stress, depression, and anxiety

A serviceman/woman in the mission goes through a lot. Seeing dead bodies of colleagues and the enemies are familiar sights with people in security missions.

If that is what you feed your eyes daily, it’s traumatizing. A glass of beer comes in handy to reduce the kind of stress and depression associated with this kind of work.

4. Responsible for bone strength

Crafted beer has a high amount of silicon right for strengthening the bones. Just as calcium, it helps in the growth of connective tissues reducing the risk of bone-related illnesses.

Some doctors prescribe beer as a bone-thinning regimen to minimize the adverse effect or onset of osteoporosis.  

You require strong bones to run for the enemy; it’s a call of duty to secure the borders.

5. Adds nutritive value

Like any other food drink, one thing servicemen and women miss is good food and drinks. Beer, unlike other alcoholic beverages, is made from barley, grapes, and cereals that come in handy to add nutritive value to the bottle.

The antioxidants available in the grains and fruits have a high protein content ideal on giving out more minerals responsible for different functions.

6. Reduces kidney stones

The harsh times you experience in the jungle come with its share of challenges. It’s one job that you depend on canned foods and donations.

You can’t eat what you want at the time you need it. The chances of developing kidney stones are very high. Beer is vital to reverse this process.

The emotional and social impact of beer

The physical health benefits discussed above comes in handy to enhance the health of security experts.

However, we can’t fail to recognize the social and emotional benefits of beer for these people taking an excellent course in the country.

People think military personnel is one of the anti-social beings. The contrary is true. While at work, they have a dare-try-it attitude.

The job calls for such a kind of social reaction. However, away from the military enclosure, these are one of the social and generous people.

They are out there to spend their money by buying your beer of choice to your satisfaction.

The nature of their work emotionally affects their way of thinking.

Their bosses explain why there is a need for routine rotation of such environments if you want to keep them sane throughout their careers.

 It helps them to regain their emotional stability and also lead a healthy life like any other citizen.

With the health benefits that come with beer drinking, it improves their emotional state in the following ways

  • Develops a positive attitude towards life
  • Improves their mood
  • Boosts their level of judgment increasing their rational capacity
  • With the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression it stimulates the production of happiness hormones
  • Allows them to experience the current and accurate feelings away from the temporary lifestyle

The best gift you can give a security mission expert is to work on things that improve their emotional well being.

Beer is a social drink with health and social benefits that provide them with a chance to have the bright side of life.

 Besides, it is a way of showing appreciation and gratitude for the kind of service they offer the nation.

5 Beer Accessories You Can Make Using Welding Technology

Are you a beer lover?

If yes, you’re in the right place.

Beer accessories enhance your drinking experience.

What beats a cold beer after a long tiring day at work? Whereas beer is just a refreshing drink to relax for some people, it’s a great past-time experience for others.

If you’re among the latter group, you want to enjoy your beer drinking experience to the fullest. Ranging from lagers to pilsners, you’ll want to invest in some beer accessories to improve your drinking experience.

Although you can easily buy pre-made beer accessories, fabricated accessories come in attractive and unique finishing. Whether you’re buying an accessory for yourself or want something more unique to give a loved one as a gift, there’s something for everyone.

Apart from producing unique items, other benefits of fabricating beer accessories include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Increased durability
  • Ability to customize your accessory to unique needs
  • Handmade for uniqueness

Here’re five beer accessories you can easily fabricate for something more unique that reflects your personality.

Top 5 Beer Accessories You Can Fabricate to Your Unique Needs

  1. Smart mini-keg

Smart mini-kegs are designed to keep your beer fresh, cold, and well-carbonated for a maximum of two weeks. Available in sleek and compact designs, mini-kegs are lightweight and portable.

If you fabricate your mini keg, you won’t just get in a bright, vintage copper finish but any other finish of your liking. However, this would depend on your choice of material.

The attractive pressurized growler features a built-in tap to enable you to pour your beer when it’s time to enjoy your drink. It gives the look of an ancient brewery with a charming effect.

What’s more, it can come in handy when hosting a party and need to set up a cocktail bar where your friends or guests can self-serve themselves a drink of choice.

  1. Beer bike keychain

Are you both a bike and a beer lover? You can fabricate a beer bike keychain you can use to perform various tasks as a multi-tool.

A typical beer bike chain features a flathead screwdriver, hex bits of variable lengths, and a bottle opener, all wrapped in a single keychain.

It also makes a perfect gift idea for a loved one into biking and enjoys drinking beer from time to time.

  1. Beer bottle hanger

You can also fabricate an exceptional beer bottle hanger for storing your brew bottles. The hanger can be made for wall or ceiling fixing and helps save space in your fridge for other items you’d like to keep chilled.

Just like BottleLoft, a magnetic bottle hanger, you’d have to make your hanger with strong magnets if you intend to install it on the ceiling to hold your beer bottles.

If you’re fabricating a beer bottle hanger for home use, consider smaller storage capacity from two to six-packs. The display storage will add an aesthetic appeal to your interior space.

  1. Shower beer holder

You can keep your beer close to you at all times to drink whenever you want to, even in the shower. Just like the Shakoolie, you can fabricate a similar accessory to install onto your bathroom wall.

It’s a clever beer accessory designed to hold your brew and keep it cold as you scrub yourself in the shower, awaiting your next sip.

Just like the Velcro-made Shakoolie in various designs, be creative and fabricate your shower beer holder in an attractive design. Seek inspiration from the internet to make a device you’ll enjoy using for a long time.

You won’t go wrong with a custom shower beer holder fabrication. Also, consider a beer holder you can fix on your furniture, or anywhere else you deem fit.

  1. Copper beer stein

A copper beer stein like the Ben Franklin Beer Stein is a handcrafted masterpiece. You can come up with your unique design to handcraft for holding your favorite drink and keeping it chilled.

Choose a desirable capacity for your stein, such as 34 ounces. A handmade beer stein can last a lifetime, whether it’s made from 100% copper or any other metal of your liking.

It makes a great gift idea for your friends or family bound to love the uniqueness and refined artistry that comes with each handcrafted product.

The best welders for fabricating your beer accessories

The best welders offer great flexibility when it comes to handcrafting unique accessories for your brew. Tig welders offer greater control over your craftsmanship.

Why Welder’s Deserve a Bucket of Beer Every Weekend

The life of a welder is a physically intensive one. It needs a lot of focus to come up with the beautiful designs we see on buildings. A welder needs to take time out at the end of the week to just relax and meet friends. There is power in that social interactions. Apart from the benefits of the drink; you can widen your mind through the people you meet. This is the time you meet with fellow welders and share various experiences.

You even notice that what is…

your challenge is a walkover for someone or better still you may have fewer problems than others which you only know when you share with like-minded individuals. These are the areas you notice that there are new auto-darkening helmets available in the market. You also get to know how to use the welding helmet auto-darkening lens to your advantage.

If you follow the history of some of the big clubs that trend in the digital market, you notice that these are like-minded people who used to meet at a popular joint and noticed there is potential in business and just decided to start. You never know this could be the beginning of a multinational welding company in the region.

We are in a digital era and…

people are in different professions. You may need to get information or help from an expert on an issue away from welding. You share with your friends over a drink. Before you even get contacts of the experts, the people there may give you valuable advice that is vital in your decision-making process. These could be the WhatsApp groups that people tend to share information.

You may be having a…

hard time at work with family issues also weighing you down. It said a problem shared is half solved. Sometimes you may not even share the problem; you have just been away from the environment that makes you forget about the challenges. This is a relaxing moment for a welder. It reduces stress and anxiety which when uncontrolled it may lead to depression.

Your life should not…

just involve being in a welder all the time. You need to take time out just to unwind. This has positive effects on emotional and physical health. The meetings over a cup of beer enhance the quality of life of a welder.

Where will you get those big contracts or contacts of who is who in the society if you not in the social gatherings? Do not close yourself in a cocoon. Go out there and interact with people who do the same thing to give you insights in handling this welding business to your advantage.

Beer is renowned to stimulate…

the nervous system. This means that it allows it to work at an optimum level such that you are in a position to deal with what life amicably puts you. Have you noticed that there are minimal suicidal cases among drunkards like it is among introverts? There is the social power of giving yourself a treat every weekend for a cup of beer.

Best Beers For Beer-Lover Welders

Perhaps welding is one of the most earning manual jobs in the world today. Likewise, it is one of the very involving careers also that requires dedication and hard work. Most welders spend most of their time working to the extent of lacking the time with their families. At the end of the day, exhaustion is what takes control of their night, especially for the newbies. Statistics have shown that a number of welders suffer from stress-related issues simply because of not having enough time with their families and friends. Healthwise, it is not healthy to do a heavy job while at the same time stressed. You are more likely exposed to heart attack diseases. Surprisingly, welders even don’t have some time for a medical check-up because they can get a series if tenders will definitely occupy their all their time.

Apparently, as a welder, taking a beer can be an ultimate solution to your work and family issues especially when they have a break. However, consideration must be directed towards choosing the best type of beer that will health them health wise. Taking considerable amounts of beer has a number of benefits. Firstly, beer is probably a direct relaxant of the mind. Ass welder, various issues might tend to flood your mind which may engage you in stressful thinking. These can be family or work issues. Sometimes welders undergo through various drawbacks which impact negatively on their plans and goals. However, a beer results in a cooling effect on the brain and heart which soothes them and makes them happier.

Secondly, past and discouraging memories regarding the welder’s life might come when they are perhaps relaxing after a busy day or a short break. Such memories always spoil the moods of these people which might hinder their ambitions. Taking a beer before or even after the job creates excitement and as a result, happiness takes the central role inside their brains. This brings motivation and enthusiasm to work even harder.

Furthermore, beer has been known for every long time to increase the strength of the bones. It can be every difficult task for you to do welding when you don’t have the inner strength. Metallic materials are always heavy and need strength. The best beers boost the growth of bone marrows which makes them stronger. Nevertheless, beers are one of the very nutritious drinks hat exist in the world today. Many people might have negative perspectives on the benefits of beer but they are essential towards the health of welders. As a welder, avoid other alcoholic drinks and go forebear They contain body building elements including increasing the appetite for food. Welding is not easy and welders deserve to have the best beer as a treat to their hearts and appreciation.

Some of the most recommended beers for welders who love beer are:
• Budweiser.
• Heineken.
• Bud light.
• Busch.

Such beers are very important especially when welders are learning how to make welding caps because they boost the thinking capacity which increases their creativity.

How to Weld and build a Coffee shop store

When starting your own coffee business, you must consider creating a coffee shop. The modern world is inclined towards innovative ideas, With more people putting their ambitions to test. Why not build the coffee shop yourself using metal? Using various methods, you can produce an excellent coffee shop that will attract more customers. A coffee shop designed by you and made by you. How amazing is that?
Making a coffee shop will not be an easy task, it takes some dedication and focus to achieve your expected results. This calls for some discipline and motivation to keep you going, not forgetting the extra labor to finish the job quicker.


Having a plan makes your work more vivid and practical. Before any step make sure you have a sketch of what you want to achieve. Considering you will be working with other people, Having a design gives those guidelines on the way forward.

There are various metals that can work to suit your purpose perfectly. You will have to consider the thickness, the type of metal you are using in welding, how hard the task is and your budget.
Using an electric arc can be one of the methods you can implement. Where an electric arc melts an electrode, while the base metal melts partially. After a while, the melt cools and solidifies fusing parts together. You can go for the Metal Inert Gas or opt for the Flux-cored arc welding. The end product will still be the same.

To make your work successful, you must go for the best equipment on the market. Do it like a professional, but still working based on your budget. Let’s have a look at what you require to make your coffee shop.

A welder

When buying a welder, don’t go for the cheap option. The best welder you can get your hand on is costly but worth the extra pinch. Imagine having a welder that operates with standard household Voltage to produce power able to melt the welding wire. Get one that will serve you more than once; you never know what you are going to build next.

Welding wire

Ensure you have the right welding wire with you, to make your work a piece of cake. One advantage about the welding is that they are inexpensive and you can get several at once.
Gas: Based on the intensity of your task. You must have the right gas with you.

A welding cart: Moving around with welders that are up to 75 pounds requires you to have this equipment with you.

Awl: For cutting and marking lines.
Welding pliers: To trim welding wires
Chipping hammer and wire brush: To get rid of spatter
Heavier duty welding helmet lightweight designed welding helmet: To protect your head from particles falling out during welding.

3. Preparing your metals
Once you have all the equipment in place, then you can kick off. Start by cutting and marking your metals using awl, carbide scribe or a metal cutting saw. You cut the metal based on you sketch measurements.
For the metals, you plan to join, use a right- angle grinder to create a chamfer. Where adjoining edges of the metal are at 45degrees, creating some space for a filler metal to make a more stable structure.

4. Position the metals
Using a clamp, position the metal joints together before beginning the welding process.

5. Welding
Ensure you have your gun working correctly. You can use two hands to hold the gun in position. The wire electrode should be at least an eighth of an inch out. Keep the tip and nozzle clean from spattering by using a chipper hummer to clean it up. To connect to the base metal, you must create a few tack welds. You must combine along the joints to make the connection strong enough.

6. Grinding your weld
The appearance determines the overall beauty of you weld .grinding the welds keep the edges smooth and attractive. Using a 36-grit wheel which is attached to the right-angle grinder. Apply less force to grind. If you produce orange sparks, you are on the right track, but if you encounter blue flashes then you must be using a lot of force.

Once you have joined the parts based on your sketch. The next step is coloring. Choose a color that makes your coffee shop more appealing and attractive.

It all begins with a simple idea, but the power to transform your idea into reality is in your hands.

Brewing coffee with Softened water: Is softened water good for your coffee?

5a3b40574aa6b5a01a8b632f-750-499For the coffee lovers, nothing feels good like an excellent hot espresso coffee. It’s mind blowing as well as refreshing. How you like your coffee determines how you brew it, but some things will almost
certainly remain constant as good quality water will undoubtedly make a good cup of coffee. Water forms the most significant part of your cup of coffee hence the need to have that water at its best quality.

But how do you make your tap water get to give you a nice cup of coffee? How do you make it be of quality for an excellent brewed coffee?

There has been an endless debate about whether it is soft water or hard water that makes the perfect cup of coffee. This, however, may be an unpredictable situation because people have different tastes and preferences. Today, we take a peek into brewing that cup of coffee with softened water and see whether it is a thing that you should consider.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of the whole coffee brewing process with softened water, let’s first look at what is in water that determines its quality and the eventual good taste in your coffee.

Contents of good quality water.

As much as water may be clear and colorless, it contains lots of minerals; some good while others not so good. Some of the metals contained in water include calcium and magnesium.

But what does good quality water mean, especially when coffee brewing is put into consideration?

Firstly, good quality water is odorless. Water should not contain some foul smell whatsoever. Water distributed from the public water supply system may sometimes include elements like chlorine which may give it an awful smell. You cannot possibly imagine taking a cup of coffee with some smell.

Good quality water should come with some good taste. A good taste of water is from the presence of some amount of minerals. This will make your cup of coffee give you a great feeling that you will leave you craving for more.

When considering your espresso machine, good water should not have calcium minerals. Calcium causes scale formation on your espresso machine which will substantially decrease its longevity and performance.

What is water softening?

As mentioned before, water contains minerals. These minerals may need to be removed from your water to ensure they do not cause blocking to your machine. This process of removing them is what is referred to
as water softening. It is done through different methods depending on you.

All in all, you may consider just acquiring a superb water softener to achieve your desired water quality.

Is softened water good for your coffee?

The process of coffee brewing may seem so easy that you may ignore what happens in that cup or your espresso machine. A blend of factors comes into play to extract that flavor and color from your fine roasted coffee beans. These factors include the heating temperature of your water and the minerals in it. These are the factors that bring out the excellent flavor in your coffee.

When answering the question whether softened water is good for your coffee, we need to consider these factors. Keeping in mind that softened water has minerals removed from it, one may be inclined to conclude that softened water is not good for your coffee.

But what amount of minerals is required in the process of flavour extraction from your coffee?

A number of a hundred and fifty to two hundred parts per million is considered to be quite a good number for the process. A number lesser than this makes it too soft which will not make good coffee. Therefore, you should avoid using overly softened water to make your cup of coffee.

When using an espresso machine consider using softened water to avoid damaging your machine or otherwise make frequent cleaning as per the guidelines by the manufacturer.

The Top 10 Best Coffee Beers That You Should Try

coffeebeerCoffee and beer. Two of the most prominent indecencies on the planet. Two of the oldest drinks known to humanity. In spite of the fact that the match isn’t normally served together, something otherworldly happens when coffee and beer get to be one. Light and dark union. Morning and night lose all refinement. Abruptly, it’s absolutely cool to split a chest of drawers at 10:30 a.m. on a workday by the underneath Top 10 Best Coffee Beers That You Should Try. For the best coffee machine you can check out Prestige vs Deluxe at

1. Authors Breakfast Stout

Rated 99% ‘world-class’ on Beer advocate and 100% on, this Imperial Stout is really first rate. It’s fermented with chopped oats, imported severe chocolates, and two different sorts of coffee. This beer is anything but difficult to drink and a well-known coffee forceful that many of your supporters might search for

2. Lagunas Cappuccino Stout

This American Double/Imperial Stout is an exciting 9.62% AV, and it’s sold in 22 oz. bottles or on tap. Blended with “boatloads of simmered coffee,” Whenever poured, it smells like satisfying coffee and has a tan head with a dark coffee body.

3. Balance Point Victory at Sea

This coffee vanilla Imperial Porter is an “intense, smooth blend with simply the perfect measure of sweetness.” Infused with Coffee Calabria coffee from San Diego, the huge watchman has unpretentious simmered notes of frosty prepared coffee without the causticity, which adjusts well with its sweet caramel undercurrents of malt.

4. Six point C.R.E.A.M.

It gets its name from the celebrated Wu-Tang verses. It’s fermented with a mix of two-column, gem malts, and pilsner! Whenever poured, it has a crisp one-inch greyish head and a copper hued body.

5. Oskar Blues Hotbox Coffee Porter

In view of the malt kinds of creme Brule, caramel, cooked nuts, and cocoa and injected with chilly removed coffee from Ethiopian and Burundi beans, this coffee doorman is stellar. On account of the specific coffee that was decided for this mix, there are indications of dark plums and blueberry, which wonderfully complements the profound meal, chocolate and slight intensity.

6. Sunday Morning Stout

What better approach to begin a Sunday morning (or end a Saturday night) than with a pleasant American Double/Imperial Stout? This beer is voted 96% ‘world-class’ on Bee advocate and 99% by and large on

8. Stogie City Cuban Espresso

Prepared with a storing measure of coffee beans, cacao nibs, and vanilla, this 5.5% AV beer completes it without being overwhelming. It looks dark chestnut with an extensive tan head…

9. Green Flash Cosmic Ristretto

Made with smooth coffee and clues of sweet chocolate malts, this 8.2% AV Baltic Porter has a simple drinking surface and a smooth sweetness… This beer has an 87 ‘decent’ appraising on Beer advocate and is not yet rated on

10. Coronado Imperial Blue Bridge Coffee Stout

This brand of coffee beer is suitable for the beginners, made with two-push malt, simmered grain, and Guatemalan coffee. The Blue Bridge is as of now just available in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.


Since you have a strong rundown of 10 coffee beers to look over, you ought to effortlessly have the capacity to stock your bar with stellar coffee beer choices.

Beginners Guide to Brewing Beer


Making home made alcohol is not a very hard process. With the right brewing beer instructions, a person is able to make good drinks. To be a good homebrewer, a person is advised to be keen on minor details and also be patient. The whole process can be completed in four easy steps. To distill alcohol a person needs water, hops, malt extracts and yeast. Research is of key importance during the process.

Always taste the water being used for the fermentation process. This is because it is the major ingredient of the drink. After the water has passed the test, the next step is sanitizing the equipment to be used for the process. Sterilization can be done using bleach or iodine, after cleaning them with the chemicals they should be thoroughly rinsed using water.

Everything used for the fermentation process should be placed within easy reach. Start by preparing the Wort. This is the mixture that is used to make the alcohol. Boil water in a stock pot and add malt extracts and hops while stirring. It is important for the hops and malt extracts not to burn. In the event that they do, then the drink made from the Wort will not have a desirable taste.

When the hops and malt extracts are added into the boiled water, a lot of stirring is required. Never let the malt extract and hops stick to the pot, if the do they tend to burn. A drink prepared using burnt Wort always ends up having a bitter taste to it.

Once the Wort has been prepared, it should be allowed to simmer. While the mixture is still cooking, put in the hops. The mixture should be left for an additional quarter of an hour to one hour. As the mixture boils, the malt and hops undergo a breaking down process. This breakdown leads to the release of compounds needed for fermentation.

On average, it will take twenty minutes to cool down the Wort. The brewer’s yeast is prepared by adding the dry yeast with a cup of warm water. After five minutes, the mixture will form the live yeast culture. If there is no froth after five minutes, then the mixture is not good and so it cannot be used for the distillation.

Use the clean carboy to mix all the final ingredients. Add clean water into the container followed by the Wort. The yeast is then added into the mixture and the container sealed. Shake the container to thoroughly mix its contents.

Add some more water and close the container using the carbon dioxide airlock lid. This lid is designed to release any excess gas produced during the fermentation process. Place the mixture in away from direct sunlight. The fermentation takes place in a period of two weeks.

The next step is adding a mixture of water and corn syrup into the carboy. Swirl the mixture to ensure that the sugar is evenly spread. The yeast in the mixture gets rid of unnecessary sugars. The final step of the brewing beer instructions is to divide the mixture into smaller bottles and store it for two or more weeks. The finesse of the drink will be determined by how long it fermented in the last stage.

Stout Coffee Cocktail

3 Simple Homemade Beer Recipe Ideas

To brew beer is generally easy. It is only necessary to find a very large pot, preferably enameled, and to have malt and hops. However, the latter is sometimes replaced by yeast.



This is the ingredient that creates beer itself. If you drink a beverage without malt, it will be a mash, mead, wine or kvass. Anything, but not the beer.

Malt may be produced from any grain. There can be rye, barley, and wheat malt. To obtain malt, grain is being germinated first and then being dried and milled.


We use only bumps of this climbing plant to brew the beer. Hop gives the beer a specific, bitter taste. Hop participates in beverage clarification, in the formation of solid foam.

Hop is sold dry, it can be bought in pharmacies, in markets or in shops – it is included in the kits for brewing. When you choose hop pay attention to the color, it should be yellow-green. Grayish hop is unripe and red hop usually is overripe.


Beer is best to make in a glass cookware. You can use an enamel pan, but without chipping. Dishes from stainless steel will also be a good choice. But don’t place beer in plastic containers.

Dishes should be slightly more spacious than beer because it needs a place to ferment.

Dark Beer

1 pound of a grain mixture (wheat, rye, barley, and oats)

1 ounce of chicory

4 cups of sugar

2 ounces of dried hops

Zest from 1 lemon

2.5 gallons of water

Step 1. Fry grain in a frying pan until becomes brown, grind it in a coffee grinder.

Step 2: Add chicory to the grain and boil it all in one-third of the water.

Step 3. Then pour the remaining water, add sugar, hops, and zest. Then stop boiling.

Step 4. Leave it for a few hours, then strain infusion through cheesecloth, pour into bottles and put in a cool place.

Mint Beer

1 mint beam

0.8 gallons of water

3 cups of sugar

Yeast stick

1 bag of vanilla sugar

Black bread crust

Step 1. Put mint in boiling water, cover the pan with a tight lid and leave for 1 hour.

Step 2. In the meantime, add sugar to the yeast to wait some time.

Step 3: Strain infusion, add sugar, a crust of bread, and yeast.

Step 4. Put for fermentation. When on the surface will appear foam, add the vanilla sugar, bottle and store it.

Honey Beer

For this recipe, you will need some kind of a container from which can continuously pour hot water. The Large electric kettle is most convenient because it does not cool the boiling water.

3 cups of rye malt

2 cups of honey

3 ounces of hop

1.5 yeast sticks

1 tbsp. of sugar

2.5 gallons of boiling water

Step 1. Grind malt, rub it with hops very carefully and put in a linen bag. Add a spoon of sugar to the yeast and leave it.

Step 2. Put honey in a large saucepan. Place on a table cattle with boiling water. Water should flow through the bag into the pot with malt. While it is being poured, malt must always be stirred.

Step 3. When the required amount of water will fall into the pot, you need to mix everything, give the liquid a time to cool and put yeast in the infusion.

Step 4: Wait until all yeast will fall down, and then pour the beer into bottles, put it in a dark place. Withstand it for 3-4 days and you can drink honey beer.