The Business Skills Every Brewer Needs

Brewing beer is both an art and a science, and successful brewers need to have a strong foundation in both areas. However, there are also some key business skills that every brewer needs in order to be successful. These include:

Financial management: Brewing is a capital-intensive business, and brewers need to have a sound understanding of financial management in order to make smart decisions about where to invest their money.

Marketing: A good product is nothing without effective marketing. Brewers need to be able to promote their products in a way that will get people excited about drinking them.

Sales: At the end of the day, brewers need to be able to sell their products in order to make a profit. This involves not only knowing how to price their beer correctly but also having the ability to close deals with distributors and retailers.

By developing these key business skills, brewers can set themselves up for success in the highly competitive world of craft beer.