Why You Need Crafted Beer after A Successful Security Operation

Staying in the jungle for months trying to secure the country’s borders requires a “hard” heart.

Listening to bullet sounds day and night, staying awake for long hours to stay alert to prevent an enemy from attacking at your point of weakness is a tiresome, cumbersome, and monotonous work.

While out for the mission, you are ever with your rifles, for you never know when the enemy will strike.

Moreover, your eyes are ever alert. Mental stability is vital to have a clear sight of your target while holding the rifle.

The type of gun you use is also a burden away. Some of them are almost 8 kgs. Imagine holding an 8kg weight for months day and night.

 Although there are lightweight rifles in the market, the impact is still the same- you must have a gun on-site at all times.

After the successful operation, it’s that time to celebrate. Your friends and family are happy to see you safe and sound.

How many people have remained on the battlefield? They will organize a beer party to celebrate your return.

Don’t you think you also need a toss for the excellent work?

Crafter beer comes explicitly with many health benefits when taken in moderation. A party without a variety of beer drinks is not a party.

How will people forget about their daily hassles without simple brain intoxication, more so, the military personnel?

Have a look at why you need a crafted beer after a successful security operation

1. Beer prevents cardiovascular illnesses

Research shows that people who drink beer in moderation are less likely to suffer from strokes, heart attacks, and related diseases.

 The heart is the primary body organ responsible for the pumping of blood. Once your blood isn’t well circulating correctly, you are near your death bed.

2. Improves your cognitive function

Do you know why bars are noisy and full? It’s attributed to xanthohumol, a chemical that stimulates brain functioning.

At the end of the party, you tend to forget all the awkward moments you have been through despite the hardship.

Once you go back to the mission, you have a clear mindset to face yet another day on the battlefield.

3. Reduces stress, depression, and anxiety

A serviceman/woman in the mission goes through a lot. Seeing dead bodies of colleagues and the enemies are familiar sights with people in security missions.

If that is what you feed your eyes daily, it’s traumatizing. A glass of beer comes in handy to reduce the kind of stress and depression associated with this kind of work.

4. Responsible for bone strength

Crafted beer has a high amount of silicon right for strengthening the bones. Just as calcium, it helps in the growth of connective tissues reducing the risk of bone-related illnesses.

Some doctors prescribe beer as a bone-thinning regimen to minimize the adverse effect or onset of osteoporosis.  

You require strong bones to run for the enemy; it’s a call of duty to secure the borders.

5. Adds nutritive value

Like any other food drink, one thing servicemen and women miss is good food and drinks. Beer, unlike other alcoholic beverages, is made from barley, grapes, and cereals that come in handy to add nutritive value to the bottle.

The antioxidants available in the grains and fruits have a high protein content ideal on giving out more minerals responsible for different functions.

6. Reduces kidney stones

The harsh times you experience in the jungle come with its share of challenges. It’s one job that you depend on canned foods and donations.

You can’t eat what you want at the time you need it. The chances of developing kidney stones are very high. Beer is vital to reverse this process.

The emotional and social impact of beer

The physical health benefits discussed above comes in handy to enhance the health of security experts.

However, we can’t fail to recognize the social and emotional benefits of beer for these people taking an excellent course in the country.

People think military personnel is one of the anti-social beings. The contrary is true. While at work, they have a dare-try-it attitude.

The job calls for such a kind of social reaction. However, away from the military enclosure, these are one of the social and generous people.

They are out there to spend their money by buying your beer of choice to your satisfaction.

The nature of their work emotionally affects their way of thinking.

Their bosses explain why there is a need for routine rotation of such environments if you want to keep them sane throughout their careers.

 It helps them to regain their emotional stability and also lead a healthy life like any other citizen.

With the health benefits that come with beer drinking, it improves their emotional state in the following ways

  • Develops a positive attitude towards life
  • Improves their mood
  • Boosts their level of judgment increasing their rational capacity
  • With the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression it stimulates the production of happiness hormones
  • Allows them to experience the current and accurate feelings away from the temporary lifestyle

The best gift you can give a security mission expert is to work on things that improve their emotional well being.

Beer is a social drink with health and social benefits that provide them with a chance to have the bright side of life.

 Besides, it is a way of showing appreciation and gratitude for the kind of service they offer the nation.