Going to a Brew Pub with a Concealed .380 Pistol is Allowed in Four States

While it is not easy to think of forty-six things when someone places a concealed .380 pistol at your face, but the good thing is that if you’re at a brew pub in United States it is now legal to carry a concealed .380 pistol with you for your protection.

While some people like Mr. Ringenberg, a technology consultant in one the four states where gun is allowed feels safe by carrying a gun with him. There are others like Art Anderson who is a nurse at Sam’s Sports bar who feel this is not a cool decision. Mr. Anderson think that a concealed .380 pistol can open doors to trouble for you.

The four states include Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee. The decision was made final after the two rulings from Supreme Court which say that citizens can carry a concealed .380 pistol for self-defense.

The previous rulings which overturned the handgun ban in Chicago & Washington, have intensified the stance of gun rights advocates across the nation. Now, the gun laws are facing a challenge from 250 lawsuits by the government. There is a new wave on debate of gun in the country, as the states expand the realm of guns in everyday life of people.

Arriving at a beer pub with a gun have brought light to 20 others states which include New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York who previously haven’t come forward with any statement that allows citizens to carry a gun in a brew pub made it okay by default.

Previously, a lot of states were silent on the matter. But now with the violence at its peak it is necessary to carry a gun at beer pub when you don’t know what is about to come next.

restoA state representative Curry Todd who introduced the guns-in-bars bill mentions that the law is for the citizens to protect themselves while they’re walking in the brew pub.

This is because people are being robbed, killed, assaulted, and felt helpless about it. Sure, police might help you at your convenience but for personal safety you need to act on your own behalf.

According to the law at Tennessee the concealed .380 pistol holder is not supposed to drink alcohol while they’re carrying the weapon.

The law came into existence after an incident that took place at a brew pub in Virginia where a drunk customer shot his own leg with his own pistol. And after all, guns and alcohol don’t really mix well together.

However, the law permits the brew pub owner or owner of the brew pub to put a sign out front which prohibits people to carry a weapon in their establishments.

This is since carrying a gun makes the servers and the environments feel unsafe. Of course, a loaded gun is considered a threat for everyone. But if used solely for self-defense it is okay to carry the gun privately.

Carrying a concealed .380 pistol is legal at a brew pub which is a good sign because the bad guys will stay alert and will not attempt anything funny, irritate, or abuse the people around them. Who in his right mind would want someone to pull the trigger on them?

In an era where the crime is at its peak, this is a good initiative by the government which is the need of the day. But it is always advised not to misuse the law and do not try anything stupid.


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