Brewing Ideas: Talking About A Coffee Shop Project

When starting your own coffee business, you must consider creating a coffee shop. The modern world is inclined towards innovative ideas, With more people putting their ambitions to the test. Why not build the coffee shop yourself using metal? Using various methods, you can produce an excellent coffee shop that will attract more customers. A coffee shop designed by you and made by you. How amazing is that?
Making a coffee shop will not be an easy task, it takes some dedication and focus to achieve your expected results. This calls for some discipline and motivation to keep you going, not forgetting the extra labor to finish the job quicker.


Having a plan makes your work more vivid and practical. Before any step make sure you have a sketch of what you want to achieve. Considering you will be working with other people, Having a design gives those guidelines on the way forward.

There are various metals that can work to suit your purpose perfectly. You will have to consider the thickness, the type of metal you are using in welding, how hard the task is, and your budget.
Using an electric arc can be one of the methods you can implement. Where an electric arc melts an electrode, while the base metal melts partially. After a while, the melt cools and solidifies fusing parts together. You can go for the Metal Inert Gas or opt for the Flux-cored arc welding. The end product will still be the same.

To make your work successful, you must go for the best equipment on the market. Do it like a professional, but still working based on your budget. Let’s have a look at what you require to make your coffee shop.

A welder

When buying a welder, don’t go for the cheap option. The best welder you can get your hand on is costly but worth the extra pinch. Imagine having a welder that operates with standard household Voltage to produce power able to melt the welding wire. Get one that will serve you more than once; you never know what you are going to build next.

Welding wire

Ensure you have the right welding wire with you, to make your work a piece of cake. One advantage about the welding is that they are inexpensive and you can get several at once.
Gas: Based on the intensity of your task. You must have the right gas with you.

A welding cart: Moving around with welders that are up to 75 pounds requires you to have this equipment with you.

Awl: For cutting and marking lines.
Welding pliers: To trim welding wires
Chipping hammer and wire brush: To get rid of spatter
Heavier duty welding helmet lightweight designed welding helmet: To protect your head from particles falling out during welding.

3. Preparing your metals
Once you have all the equipment in place, then you can kick-off. Start by cutting and marking your metals using awl, carbide scribe, or a metal cutting saw. You cut the metal-based on your sketch measurements.
For the metals, you plan to join, use a right-angle grinder to create a chamfer. Where adjoining edges of the metal are at 45degrees, creating some space for a filler metal to make a more stable structure.

4. Position the metals
Using a clamp, position the metal joints together before beginning the welding process.

5. Welding
Ensure you have your gun working correctly. You can use two hands to hold the gun in position. The wire electrode should be at least an eighth of an inch out. Keep the tip and nozzle clean from spattering by using a chipper hummer to clean it up. To connect to the base metal, you must create a few tack welds. You must combine along the joints to make the connection strong enough.

6. Grinding your weld
The appearance determines the overall beauty of you weld .grinding the welds keep the edges smooth and attractive. Using a 36-grit wheel which is attached to the right-angle grinder. Apply less force to grind. If you produce orange sparks, you are on the right track, but if you encounter blue flashes then you must be using a lot of force.

Once you have joined the parts based on your sketch. The next step is coloring. Choose a color that makes your coffee shop more appealing and attractive.

It all begins with a simple idea, but the power to transform your idea into reality is in your hands.