5 Beer Accessories You Can Make Using Welding Technology

Are you a beer lover?

If yes, you’re in the right place.

Beer accessories enhance your drinking experience.

What beats a cold beer after a long tiring day at work? Whereas beer is just a refreshing drink to relax for some people, it’s a great past-time experience for others.

If you’re among the latter group, you want to enjoy your beer drinking experience to the fullest. Ranging from lagers to pilsners, you’ll want to invest in some beer accessories to improve your drinking experience.

Although you can easily buy pre-made beer accessories, fabricated accessories come in attractive and unique finishing. Whether you’re buying an accessory for yourself or want something more unique to give a loved one as a gift, there’s something for everyone.

Apart from producing unique items, other benefits of fabricating beer accessories include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Increased durability
  • Ability to customize your accessory to unique needs
  • Handmade for uniqueness

Here’re five beer accessories you can easily fabricate for something more unique that reflects your personality.

Top 5 Beer Accessories You Can Fabricate to Your Unique Needs

  1. Smart mini-keg

Smart mini-kegs are designed to keep your beer fresh, cold, and well-carbonated for a maximum of two weeks. Available in sleek and compact designs, mini-kegs are lightweight and portable.

If you fabricate your mini keg, you won’t just get in a bright, vintage copper finish but any other finish of your liking. However, this would depend on your choice of material.

The attractive pressurized growler features a built-in tap to enable you to pour your beer when it’s time to enjoy your drink. It gives the look of an ancient brewery with a charming effect.

What’s more, it can come in handy when hosting a party and need to set up a cocktail bar where your friends or guests can self-serve themselves a drink of choice.

  1. Beer bike keychain

Are you both a bike and a beer lover? You can fabricate a beer bike keychain you can use to perform various tasks as a multi-tool.

A typical beer bike chain features a flathead screwdriver, hex bits of variable lengths, and a bottle opener, all wrapped in a single keychain.

It also makes a perfect gift idea for a loved one into biking and enjoys drinking beer from time to time.

  1. Beer bottle hanger

You can also fabricate an exceptional beer bottle hanger for storing your brew bottles. The hanger can be made for wall or ceiling fixing and helps save space in your fridge for other items you’d like to keep chilled.

Just like BottleLoft, a magnetic bottle hanger, you’d have to make your hanger with strong magnets if you intend to install it on the ceiling to hold your beer bottles.

If you’re fabricating a beer bottle hanger for home use, consider smaller storage capacity from two to six-packs. The display storage will add an aesthetic appeal to your interior space.

  1. Shower beer holder

You can keep your beer close to you at all times to drink whenever you want to, even in the shower. Just like the Shakoolie, you can fabricate a similar accessory to install onto your bathroom wall.

It’s a clever beer accessory designed to hold your brew and keep it cold as you scrub yourself in the shower, awaiting your next sip.

Just like the Velcro-made Shakoolie in various designs, be creative and fabricate your shower beer holder in an attractive design. Seek inspiration from the internet to make a device you’ll enjoy using for a long time.

You won’t go wrong with a custom shower beer holder fabrication. Also, consider a beer holder you can fix on your furniture, or anywhere else you deem fit.

  1. Copper beer stein

A copper beer stein like the Ben Franklin Beer Stein is a handcrafted masterpiece. You can come up with your unique design to handcraft for holding your favorite drink and keeping it chilled.

Choose a desirable capacity for your stein, such as 34 ounces. A handmade beer stein can last a lifetime, whether it’s made from 100% copper or any other metal of your liking.

It makes a great gift idea for your friends or family bound to love the uniqueness and refined artistry that comes with each handcrafted product.

The best welders for fabricating your beer accessories

The best welders offer great flexibility when it comes to handcrafting unique accessories for your brew. Tig welders offer greater control over your craftsmanship.