Staying fit while loving beer!

Beer is life, but your increasing weight is keeping you from enjoying it? It is not easy to cut out on your favorite food and drinks. But we are here to make that uphill battle a little easy for you. Alcohol is processed first in your body which decreases the fat burning process. Fret not! You can continue to drink and lose weight by modifying your diet, incorporating exercise in your schedule and limiting the amount of beer intake — Pro tip: When on a diet, you could also try the “light” or “ultra light” variations of beer. You can follow the below measures to lose weight while still relishing your favorite drink!

1. Indulge in aerobic activities to shed more calories.
Rowing machine helps reduce beer belly to a great extent! You could search online on a budget for a rowing machine. Engage in aerobic activity every day for at least 30 minutes to burn calories and shed weight. The most important tip is to choose an activity that you enjoy to ensure that you follow through with your aim of losing weight. Apart from using the rowing machine, some of the best activities for aerobic weight loss include running, swimming, cycling, rowing and tennis. Why rowing? Rowing is an exercise that combines both a calorie-burning cardiovascular workout with resistance training which works explicitly on your upper body and core, taking care of that beer belly you dread! The intensity of this exercise along with the consistency is crucial to take those inches off your tummy.

2. Do not mix drinks
Cocktails like piña coladas, daiquiris, premixed margaritas and sangria are calorie bombs with a count of 400 to 500 calories. Massive drinks mixed with soda or fruit juice are full of calories. Bottom line: Do not mix beer with juices or more calorie-rich drinks. Beer and wine are fine but remember that tasty pale-ales or lagers have far more calories than light beers.

3. Quality over quantity.
Find an alcoholic drink that you prefer the most and sip it gradually as the flavour sinks in. Appreciate your glass rather than simply consuming the alcohol as a means to an end. Avoid shots and other drinks and stick to one alcoholic beverage only.

4. Eat Smaller Portions
This is the most important one. You can choose the most convenient way to exercise, but if you skip your meals, it all stands nullified. Consume smaller meals that are more frequent. Rather than eating two to three massive meals try eating four to six smaller meals every day to avoid snacking between meals. This leads to overeating and makes you gain weight. Remember to eat natural and healthy food stuff and avoid processed food. Incorporate whole grain bread products, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein into your meal, and you are good to go!

5. Stay Hydrated
The most significant rule of drinking is to stay hydrated all the time, primarily through the night. It is a well-known fact that alcohol tends to dehydrate us but ensuring that the water intake is up to the mark makes sure that the process of drinking the booze minimizes the adverse effects on the body.

Adopt these measures to lose weight even as you continue to enjoy your favorite Beer with no guilt. Happy drinking!


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