5 Reasons Why Consider Using Water Heater For Making Your Beer

About 90% of beer weight is water. So when we say water heater can play a vital role in brewing beer, we mean it.

We have considered water being another name for life. The human body is in need of gallons of water to survive. The delicious and recharging beverage of beer also requires a right amount of water to elevate your taste buds. Water heaters can make the whole brewing process much more efficient and more accessible. How so? Let’s find out below –
1. Heat Precision
Making beer itself is a pretty demanding job. You need to pour in the right amount of water at the correct temperature every time. From the first step to the last one – precision is at the center of its success.
The modern water heaters can help with this to a grand scale. These devices come with the benefit of precision settings by default. You can fix them yourself if you possess ample knowledge about the brewing mechanism. Alternatively, you can also let the machine figure out the details by itself. In the end, your beer is brewed based on perfect precision points.
2. Labor Savings
Brewing beers is an arduous process. It involves multiple stages where care and attention are mandatory. First one has to mill the grain to form grist and then mix it up with hot water through mash conversion. Then loitering, boiling, wort separation, cooling, fermentation, maturation, filtration, carbonation and cellaring – all these steps follow one by one. The final product is then stored in a tank for future consumption.
A company relying on the production of beers may need to count massive expenditures for labor cost. If they use a water heater instead, this whole process can get much shorter. Thus, they will need fewer laborers to produce the same quantity of beers. Such cost savings can prove to be extremely beneficial for the company.
3. Lower Energy Consumption
Water heaters can offer more financial benefits through lower energy consumption. The water heaters of leading brands are coming up with more and more advanced technologies to ensure it. They are increasing the amount of water these devices can heat up and decreasing the period for the heating at the same time. Thus, they are maximizing the heating efficiency with each latest technology.
4. Recirculation system
Recirculation is one of the main reasons many breweries already consider water heaters for their beer-making process. Notably, the recirculation system of the tankless water heater is a force to be reckoned with in the brewing industry. In such systems, an integrated pump ensures proper recirculation of water within the tankless water heater. The pump circulates the water of this heater back to it through a dedicated return line. This enables the hot water supply to deliver hot water all the time.
5. Higher productivity
By investing in water heaters, you can maximize the productivity of your brewing team and earn more profits. This is because the water heaters can prepare the same amount of beers at most half the time it usually takes. Besides, the low energy consumption and the cut in labor costs also play a part here. As a result, both the brewing individual or company can benefit from a higher level of productivity.
So the water heater is not only for providing our hot water on a regular basis. It can help in the brewing process in both individual and industrial scales. Try out making beer using water heater and see the stark difference for yourself.

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